10 Ways to kick start the Best Year Ever

A new year is your opportunity to have the best year ever. Everyone is talking about resolutions, and plans for 2016. Do you know where to start with your best year ever? Now is not the time to make New Year’s resolutions that will be unfulfilled and fade before January ends. Now is the time to determine how […]

Keep the Resolution

Do you remember the resolution that you made on New Year’s 2015? If your answer was no, then you may want to try this tip for 2016: don’t make a resolution. Yes, it is that time of year to turn over a new leaf, chart a new course, and redefine your life’s direction. 25% of individuals who […]

Do some good all year long

Being frugal can leave you with ample financial surplus. During the holidays, we often think of ways to give back, but why not do it all year long. If you are a savvy contributor, you may want to do a little research on the charity to ensure your money is making the most impact. Getting the “warm […]

Stay calm and focused for success

The ability to sustain calmness and handling your emotions in stressful times is a direct link to your level of success and performance. While some stress is a good thing, to keep it in perspective is a quality that is present in top performers all over the globe. Consistent stress can cause chaos on a person’s mental […]

The Anti-Success Checklist

Are you afraid of success? On occasion you may find yourself wallowing in self-doubt and anticipating defeat. In times like this, your tendency is to reduce risk and retreat into safety. Becoming accustom to what is familiar can also stifle success. Have you become too comfortable to be challenged to the next level of success? Risks can be […]

Give your confidence a boost

How we feel about ourselves will directly impact the likelihood of success in any situation or activity. Our level of self-confidence affects every aspect of our life. Self-confidence is more valuable to us than any amount of money, possessions, or friends. Our level of self-confidence is directly correlated with our level of happiness and our level of achievement. […]

Better not pout about the Santa Claus Rally

“You better watch out. You better not cry. Better not pout, I’m telling you why.” You are already successful before Santa Claus rally comes to town. Tis the season for stock prices to climb between Christmas and New Year’s. This occurrence is commonly known as the Santa Claus rally. From a historical perspective, the Santa Claus rally […]

The Season for Gratitude

The holiday season begins in November with giving thanks, and ends the year with greedy excess of wants and desires during Christmas and New Year’s. Crush the holiday spending hustle and bustle by expressing gratitude for your friends and family. Lead the way with an attitude of gratitude. This is the year to keep the good feeling of […]

Alter Your View of Money

Have you ever planned for a major purchase or important trip, and worked diligently to save money? Once you achieved your goal, did you make the purchase or did you hesitate?  If you are like many financially conscious people, you may have hesitated on the purchase even though you had more than enough to make […]

Finish Strong This Year

More than half of the year has faded away, and what do you have to show for 2015? For some of us, 2015 has been a bit tumultuous. With 4 months left in the year, there is still time to make a huge impact with progress. If you plan to finish strong in 2015, here are some […]