Moving Averages A Great Consultant

Advanced Technicals – Moving Averages We had talked about some of the basics for technical analysis. Trends and simple chart patterns are just the tip of the iceberg for technical analysis tools. There are many advanced tools that technicians use to try to find signals in the market price. One of the terms you might […]

When is the Market Really Trending?

How to Determine When the Market is Really Trending One of the most important things you are probably trying to figure out with any given market is if it is in a trend, and in which direction that trend is moving. Find the trend and make friends with it. Swimming upstream is difficult, and that […]

How the Richest 400 People in America Got So Rich

 By Derek Thompson In 1992, the 400th richest person in America made $24 million. In 2007, the 400th richest person in America made $138 million (or $87 million, inflation-adjusted). Now, that almost certainly wasn’t the same guy. There’s a lot of churn at the top of the money pyramid. In all of the 1990s, only […]

Getting Technical

This kind of analysis is defined as an attempt to try to forecast price movements based on patterns observed in price changes on charts, or other changes that are not rooted in fundamental observations. For technical analysts the key to observing the market lies in signals and patterns Technical analysts (or technicians as they are […]

Coming Back from a Loss

A friend of mine had been having a rough time lately when he asked me a typical question among us traders – How do I come back from a loss? Since he had been having a “rough patch” and not just one bad trade, I gave him the following advice that is to be used […]

Fiscal Cliff

As the Fiscal Cliff approaches we need to consider its effects on our own personal economy. I believe the government will do something to keep us from falling off this cliff but still, how will it effect your personal economy. Money will be printed out of thin air further decreasing the value of the dollar which means your dollar won’t buy as […]

5 Reasons Boomers Will Go Bust

Blaire writes for The Fiscal Times Millions of baby boomers will retire in the next 2 decades. Many haven’t prepared enough — and they face a shocking reality. AIG CEO Robert Benmosche said in June that in light of the euro crisis, retirement ages in Europe would have to move to 70 or 80 years […]

Using a Stop Loss

Trade with a Plan – Using a Stop Loss In our opinion, every trade you consider should be laid out ahead of time with a roadmap. A complete map should have an “off ramp” or a place where it makes sense to enter the market. It should also have exits for your destination (profits) as well […]

Trading Tip

Using the Doji On a candlestick chart, there is a pattern that technicians refer to as a doji. A doji has top and bottom shadows like a regular candlestick, but has practically no real body. This happens when the opening and closing price are the same, or so close that they just leave a sliver […]

Today in a Glance

The market took a good nose dive at the open of today’s market. European indices traded broadly lower amid uncertainty surrounding the terms of the Cypriot bailout. The parliament of Cyprus was set to hold a final vote on the bailout, which includes a controversial ‘stability levy,’ but that vote has since been postponed to Tuesday, March […]