Negotiating Your Salary – Don’t Leave Money On The Table

Whether you’ve just been offered a job, or you’re hoping to make more money doing the job you’re in, negotiating your salary, or your salary increase, is a critical step in the process. To some of us, this may sound exciting. Like a chance to sell yourself and the opportunity to showcase all you bring […]

The Kryptonite of Financial Stability

Let’s talk financial stability. There is a pressure in our society to have things. We’re inundated with advertisements, all day long, selling us things that we don’t really need. We see ads on television, in the form of product placement in movies, on the pages of every magazine and on billboards all over town. They’re […]

You Can Save More Money

Three Simple Ways to Make More Room in Your Budget Intellectually, we can all agree that it makes good sense to save money for the future. At some point, an unforeseen emergency will require you to reach above and beyond your normal monthly budget. Or imagine this, you’ll want to retire. These things take planning, and most […]

Overcoming Financial Roadblocks

Tips and Tools to Help you Stop Overspending I’d venture to say that the world’s most common advice for people trying to save money is the following: Spend less than you earn.  It’s common because it’s incredible advice and makes a ton of sense. Spend less than you earn. How simple! How reasonable! But like […]

Teach the Children Well: 3 Simple Ways to Show Kids the Importance of Money

No one is born with the innate ability to manage money. You didn’t enter this world with a firm grasp on income versus expenditures, the importance of saving for retirement or the ins and outs of investing in the stock market. These are things you had to learn along the way. And kids are just […]

The 3 Financial Podcasts You Should Be Listening to Now

Podcasting has moved mainstream, and in a world that is increasingly mobile, subscribing has become a convenient and entertaining way for all of us to consume information. We’ve found 3 great financial podcasts for you to check out today. “Overall, an estimated 46 million Americans over the age of 12 now listen to podcasts on a […]

Live a Life of Intention

Ask yourself this question, “What drives your daily life?”  Do you go through your daily routine without any thought about the next day, next week, or much less the next 10 years?  Our lives are so jam-packed with tasks that we forget how to live.  Not only how to live, but how to live with […]

The Cornerstones of Financial Health

Financial health is not complex, and it doesn’t take a business degree to figure it out. Financial health is dependent on consistency, persistence, and good planning. Let’s get back to basics with four cornerstones to solid financial health. Do you know how to budget? This is the first cornerstone. Know how to design your budget and live […]

Don’t Let These 5 Excuses Derail Your Dreams

It is important to have dreams and a healthy amount of ambition. Too often, the chatterbox in our heads talk us out of pursuing our dreams. There are so many excuses that our dreams fall victim to that sometimes it seems easier to give up than keep going. Be strong, and don’t let these 5 excuses derail your […]

8 Questions to ask yourself in the new year

The holiday season can cause you to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. However, everyone has the ability to alter our approach to those intense situations. There are 8 questions to ask yourself in the most challenging times. This is where you will find the right answers to help guide you in the right direction. How can I best […]