Finish Strong This Year

More than half of the year has faded away, and what do you have to show for 2015? For some of us, 2015 has been a bit tumultuous. With 4 months left in the year, there is still time to make a huge impact with progress. If you plan to finish strong in 2015, here are some […]

Weighing the Options of Funds from your 401K

There may be moments in your life when you have to consider withdrawing funds from your 401K. There are a couple of different methods to consider when accessing your retirement funds. The rules for borrowing money from your 401k are not the same rules as a normal savings account. The first thing to consider is a loan […]

The Two Emotions of Wall Street

Wall Street is known to be driven by only two emotions: fear and greed. In reality, there are a million different emotions that drive Wall Street. Fear and greed can have the most profound impact on any investor in the stock market. A personal investment strategy is often crafted from and understanding of value investing and growth investing. […]

Millenials are the #1 Identity Theft Target

Millenials naturally seek out the latest technology. Technology has always been a significant part of their lives, because they have grown up with its rapid growth. The level of comfort that Millenials have with technology can put them at great risk for identity theft. This makes them an especially easy target when criminals are becoming more and more […]

Make Life Work with an Inconsistent Income

Do you feel like you can’t have a monthly budget because of your inconsistent income? This is the life of a freelancer, consultant, artist, or other types of commissioned employment when paychecks may come inconsistently. Don’t fret; there are smart methods available to balance your income and expenditures even on an inconsistent income. The first step is to […]

Learn from Successful People Who Make Mistakes

Mistakes happen. Even the most successful people make mistakes, especially when we are trying to change. We could be trying to be healthier, be more mindful, or be more active. Then one Saturday morning, we get sucked into binge watching movies on Netflix. Boom, all of our good intentions just went out the window. Big or small, don’t […]

Invest or Purchase a Home?

When we dream of ultimate financial success we often associate owning our own residence, a home. Have you ever thought about having to choose between the purchase of a home and investing the money? What would you choose? Some people may choose to invest over the purchase of a home, and here is why: Historically, homes have always […]

Haters Are Gonna Hate

We have all been there before. We have a great idea, a new passion, or have made an exceptionally bold decision. There is always that one person that deflates our emotional high with a million reasons of “that’s a bad idea.” Ugh. That experience is always so frustrating. It is the feeling of defeat, even if you have […]

Does Your Emergency Fund Have Cash?

Life happens when we least expect it. That’s why it is so important to have an emergency fund. Flash floods, tornados, or a blown out tire has replacement or repair costs. Even if you have insurance, there is always a deductible. When the emergency happens, are you ready? You may be ready with your bank account, but what […]

Decrease Investment Worries with Growing Dividends

You have worked hard for your money. That is why your inner voice starts speaking each time you invest. “Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, start-ups, real estate – what if I make a mistake? What if I make a bad investment choice? What if I lose it all?” These are real questions, and valid concerns that every investor […]