OPTION PRICING dictating Rates of Return

Option pricing is the result of properties of both the underlying stock and the terms of the option. The major quantifiable factors influencing the price of an option are: 1.) Price of the underlying stock 2.) Striking price of the option itself 3.) Time remaining until expiration of the option 4.) Volatility of the underlying […]

Moving Averages A Great Consultant

Advanced Technicals – Moving Averages We had talked about some of the basics for technical analysis. Trends and simple chart patterns are just the tip of the iceberg for technical analysis tools. There are many advanced tools that technicians use to try to find signals in the market price. One of the terms you might […]

When is the Market Really Trending?

How to Determine When the Market is Really Trending One of the most important things you are probably trying to figure out with any given market is if it is in a trend, and in which direction that trend is moving. Find the trend and make friends with it. Swimming upstream is difficult, and that […]