Why You May Have Wasted Money On Your Degree

In today’s ever changing fast paced world, from technology to our health, and even the way we grow food, society is changing at a fast pace rate. The world we now live in is no longer the world that our parents and grandparents were able to survive and in some cases thrive in. Manufacturing has […]

Don’t Let These 5 Excuses Stop Your Momentum

It is important to have dreams and a healthy amount of ambition. Too often, the chatterbox in our heads stops our momentum. We make up so many excuses that our dreams fail and it seems easier to give up than keep going. Be strong, and don’t let these 5 excuses stop your momentum. 1. Quiet Your […]

Taking Baby Steps to Get Out of Debt

Everybody needs a plan. The start of the New Year is always a good time to start something or to get reinvigorated and move in a different direction. Nationally-syndicated radio talk show host and financial expert Dave Ramsey advises clients and listeners to get out of debt first and foremost, then build wealth. His is […]

5 Tips to Help You Save Your First $1,000

Savings are important. The first $1000 that you save could be the most important money you put away in your life. That $1000 is the first step of putting together a rainy day fund. You never know when something you never expected will fall right in your lap. This first $1000 is your 1st step […]

Start the Year Off Right

How to Start Your Financial Year Off Right The New Year is almost upon us. Here are a few tips to make 2019 the year you take control of your finances. PERFECT YOUR BUDGET Take 15 minutes this week and put together a budget. This isn’t a difficult chore, however having the truth in front […]

The Most Appreciated Gift for Kids

The gift that receives all the attention on Christmas day probably won’t be a Savings Bond or a contribution to a 529 savings plan.  It will definitely become the most appreciated over the years.  Especially prior to tax season, family members can invest in the future of their youngest family members.  This will make their […]

There is still time to reduce tax liability

The end of the year is quickly approaching, and tax time is lurking around the corner. One of the most critical components to financial planning is reducing your tax liability for individuals, as well as business owners. It is easy to overlook potential tax deductions or tax credits. It is time to brush up on your tax guideline […]

How Successful People Deal with Stress

Living with persistent stress can have very negative consequences on our physical and emotional states. We are well aware of this, so why do we allow it to continue? Through a research group at Yale University, it has been determined that persistent stress can cause a reduction in gray matter within our brains. This is the area that […]

Winter Is Coming: Get Ready with These Energy Saving Tips

Winter is coming, and for anyone living in a cold weather part of the world, that means climbing (sometimes catapulting) energy costs, as the temperatures fall and we strive to stay warm. If you’re lucky enough to live in warm weather climate, then you can pass this information onto your less fortunate friends up North. […]

Translating an Increase in Income to an Increase in Savings

For many people working around the world today, an increase in pay doesn’t necessarily translate into an increase in savings for emergencies or retirement. If you asked the 1 in 3 workers in America who haven’t saved any amount of money for retirement WHY this is the case, you’ll likely hear several variations of the […]