Why You May Have Wasted Money On Your Degree

In today’s ever changing fast paced world, from technology to our health, and even the way we grow food, society is changing at a fast pace rate. The world we now live in is no longer the world that our parents and grandparents were able to survive and in some cases thrive in. Manufacturing has […]

Don’t Let These 5 Excuses Stop Your Momentum

It is important to have dreams and a healthy amount of ambition. Too often, the chatterbox in our heads stops our momentum. We make up so many excuses that our dreams fail and it seems easier to give up than keep going. Be strong, and don’t let these 5 excuses stop your momentum. 1. Quiet Your […]

How Successful People Deal with Stress

Living with persistent stress can have very negative consequences on our physical and emotional states. We are well aware of this, so why do we allow it to continue? Through a research group at Yale University, it has been determined that persistent stress can cause a reduction in gray matter within our brains. This is the area that […]

Winter Is Coming: Get Ready with These Energy Saving Tips

Winter is coming, and for anyone living in a cold weather part of the world, that means climbing (sometimes catapulting) energy costs, as the temperatures fall and we strive to stay warm. If you’re lucky enough to live in warm weather climate, then you can pass this information onto your less fortunate friends up North. […]

Translating an Increase in Income to an Increase in Savings

For many people working around the world today, an increase in pay doesn’t necessarily translate into an increase in savings for emergencies or retirement. If you asked the 1 in 3 workers in America who haven’t saved any amount of money for retirement WHY this is the case, you’ll likely hear several variations of the […]

Negotiating Your Salary – Don’t Leave Money On The Table

Whether you’ve just been offered a job, or you’re hoping to make more money doing the job you’re in, negotiating your salary, or your salary increase, is a critical step in the process. To some of us, this may sound exciting. Like a chance to sell yourself and the opportunity to showcase all you bring […]

The Kryptonite of Financial Stability

Let’s talk financial stability. There is a pressure in our society to have things. We’re inundated with advertisements, all day long, selling us things that we don’t really need. We see ads on television, in the form of product placement in movies, on the pages of every magazine and on billboards all over town. They’re […]

The Intelligent Defiance of a Great Follower

Examine the structure of followers and leaders. Create healthy work cultures A fragile bond exists between leaders and followers. When we are followers of a person of authority, in essence, we become agents of authority. Our actions are a direct result of our role. On occasion, as a follower, we lose the sense of personal responsibility […]

The Happiness Difference

There is a one distinct difference between happy people and unhappy people. That distinct difference is how their mind thinks and processes ideas and experiences. No matter how simple the task, we are the happiest when our actions and thoughts are united. When a person is completing an action, and thinking about it at the […]

Just Do Not Give Up!

New adventures can be exciting and scary. In the beginning, your motivational drive may exceed your logic. Sometimes you can become overwhelmed before you even realize what is happening. Don’t give up just because you are thinking some of the following things: This is just too difficult. The beginning is always the most difficult. This […]