The Importance of Relevance for Startups

The most important outcome in innovation is relevance. You can try to come up with the “next best thing”, but if it isn’t relevant it is worth nothing. The goal with innovative relevance is to first identify your audience, and then determine if your audience will see your innovation. In the world of startup businesses, […]

Small Victories Pay Large Dividends

Sometimes we need to take a step back and celebrate our small victories instead of focusing on all that we’re not getting done. This will make for a much happier existence, boost your self-esteem by placing focus on the positive and likely make you even more productive and energetic as time goes on. It seems […]

One Habit Most Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common

What is the one habit that successful entrepreneurs have in common? They’re not afraid to say no. We’ve long been taught to seize every opportunity. We’re supposed to say yes to everything that comes up, managing our own priorities while also being a team player. The truth is, it is this “all in” thinking that […]

5 Keys to Success

What are the keys to success? Experts can go on and on all day long about what it takes to be successful, who you you are as a person probably makes the biggest difference. It is about the choices you make each day, and the habits we develop that determine the level of success that […]