10 Ways to make 2017 the Best Year Ever

A new year is your opportunity to have the best year ever. We all know about the New Year’s resolutions that are unfulfilled and fade before January ends. Now is the time to determine how to enhance your already amazing life, and make 2017 the best year ever. Here are 10 ideas to get your moving in 2017:

1. Do Something New

New experiences will expand your mind. Each month, commit to a new experience. This could be something simple or complex. The new experiences could learning a skill or craft, going on a hike to a new location, or making time to meditate. New experiences allow us to grow and learn through new challenges.

2. Write Letters

Tap into the art of letter writing, and compose letters to three people to share your feelings. When was the last time you received a handwritten letter? Imagine the impact of your thoughts and feelings to another person when they read a handwritten letter. The impact has the potential to last a lifetime.

3. Get Fit!

Commit to be more fit in 2016. While this is a common New Year’s resolution for so many people, it really can be a great way to kick start the New Year. Sign up with a team sport, join a fitness class, or join a freezer meal group. The difference with this kick start is that you are making a fitness commitment with other people. It is much more difficult to quit when other people are involved.

4. Practice the One-a-Day Principle.

Perform some random act of kindness once a day for an entire year. Your personal happiness and overall satisfaction with life will supersede any experience thus far.

5. Commit to Family Time

Make family time a priority. Family time is quickly becoming extinct. Make family time a priority, and dedicate a meal time or specific night to family specific activities. If you are located away from family, dedicated phone calls or face time can fulfill the need. Family takes on many different forms, so seek out time with the people who are closest that you consider family.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect.

6. Be Positive

Cultivate positivity to enhance your success. Create a plan of action that will foster your success. By increasing positivity, and banishing negativity you will feel more successful even if the numbers aren’t there, yet. Really, success is only measured by what you decide is important.

7. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone. When you want to say “no”, take a deep breath and say “yes”. We grow when we challenge ourselves. Yes, it is easy to stay in our comfort zones. To really kick start 2016, you have to get out of your box, and explore what opportunities may come to you.

8. Make a Date

Make a date with your sweetheart. Not only make a date, but make a bunch of dates with your sweetheart. Stick to those dates, and look forward to those dates. Before you know it, your love life may be rebooted for an outstanding 2016.

9. Just Say No

Decide not to do it. That’s right, make a not-to-do list. This is a different approach to a new year’s resolution. Take inventory of what went wrong in 2015, and decide not to repeat the same mistake. Simple as that.

10. Fill Up Your Schedule

Fill your schedule with all of the “I need to do this” appointments. Make all of your doctor’s or dentist appointments for the year, and you will have ultimate control of your schedule. If you know your health insurance pays for preventative visits, then take advantage of the benefit and schedule every offering. If you schedule far enough in advance, you may be able to schedule them all on one day. This is phenomenal efficiency for 2016, and what a health-conscious way to have the best year ever!

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