8 Questions to ask yourself in the new year

questionsThe holiday season can cause you to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. However, everyone has the ability to alter our approach to those intense situations. There are 8 questions to ask yourself in the most challenging times. This is where you will find the right answers to help guide you in the right direction.

  1. How can I best use my time? Stress is often created by feeling like there is not enough time. This is a matter of identifying your priorities, and pursuing what is most important. Each day, determine what is most important, and go after that plan of action.
  2. Will this food replenish my energy or make me sluggish? Think high impact when thinking about food. Go for foods that are nutrient dense, and beneficial for your body. Food that is not nutrient dense like fast food, cakes, candy, or salty snacks do not give your body the fuel that it needs to operate at top performance.
  3. What does success mean to me? Success can be elusive if you don’t know exactly what you are after. Therefore, before you set out on a journey for success, know exactly how you are measuring success.
  4. Determine what you are grateful for. When you maintain and attitude of gratitude, you will radiate with positivity. Positivity will attract more positivity. This is the easiest way to banish the blah moments, and bring on the happy moments.
  5. Where and when are you blind? There are times in our lives when we are completely oblivious to a bad choice or direction. Take a moment to study your life, and what is going on. Where do you not have full sight of your direction, and how can you improve?
  6. What are you ignoring? We all have it. That small little voice inside that tells us not to do something. That moment when we know better, but we do it anyway. This is the foundation of denial, and staying in this state can be tragic for a life you have worked so hard to build. Take heed to the warnings, and pay attention.
  7. Find the goodness. Sometimes the good in bad situations is difficult to find. You may feel beat up by the world, or that you can’t get ahead. It may be in the aftermath of a fight with your partner that you find the golden truth about your relationship. Sometimes the difficult situations are crafting us into a better person.
  8. What will be your legacy? If you were not alive, would you be happy at what you are leaving behind? If you don’t have a sense of accomplishment about the answer, then it is time to define your legacy. Your life is a gift. Make it worthwhile.