Don’t Let These 5 Excuses Stop Your Momentum

It is important to have dreams and a healthy amount of ambition. Too often, the chatterbox in our heads stops our momentum. We make up so many excuses that our dreams fail and it seems easier to give up than keep going. Be strong, and don’t let these 5 excuses stop your momentum.

1. Quiet Your “Little Voice”

When you feel like you aren’t good enough, the chatterbox in your head is going full blast. Don’t believe a word, and take a step back. That little voice in your head may tell you that you will never succeed and that you are not the brightest crayon in the box. This is when you need to get out of the crayon box, and tell Crayola they need to make a new color. You are the brightest, most effervescent of all the colors. Don’t let the “I’m not good enough” excuse stop you from coloring outside the lines.

2. Make your DREAMS a PRIORITY

What? You say you don’t have time to color? Well, that is another poor excuse. Everyone on this glorious earth was blessed with the same amount of time. Einstein, Tina Turner, and Peyton Manning all had the same amount of time to pursue their dreams. It all comes down to your passion, and making the pursuit of your dreams a priority. What’s more important, seeing what your 525 best friends are doing on Facebook, or consistently working on your future? Make your priorities your new best friends.

One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals.

3. Forget the Naysayers

Oh, so you say that your friends think your dreams are crazy? Those 525 best friends can keep their opinion to themselves on Facebook. That is what the “unfollow” button is for. Your dreams keep your life exciting, and can give you substantial motivation and drive. The naysayers are just bogging your potential down. As Taylor would say, shake it off.

4. You’re Ready

Another excuse is convincing yourself that you aren’t ready. How do you know you aren’t ready? Your life will never be the perfect circumstance to pursue your goals if you don’t start somewhere. Maybe you don’t feel ready, but start trying to feel ready. If it’s a job you are after, then dress for the role. If it’s a healthy lifestyle you are after, then start by changing one habit at a time. If it’s a dog that you want, but you feel your lifestyle doesn’t permit a pet. Go for the dog, make the commitment, and figure out the details as you go along.

5. Stop Lying to Yourself

The last excuse is the foundation of all the aforementioned excuses: You lie to yourself. Get real with yourself, and don’t be the reason you don’t chase your own dreams. Yes, maybe you could use some improvements. Everyone could use some. Your dreams are worth chasing, and being honest with yourself will help you pursue them. Stop with the excuses, and get out there in the middle of this awesome blessing we call life!

There are definitely more than these 5 excuses that can hold you back.