How Successful People Deal with Stress

Living with persistent stress can have very negative consequences on our physical and emotional states. We are well aware of this, so why do we allow it to continue? Through a research group at Yale University, it has been determined that persistent stress can cause a reduction in gray matter within our brains. This is the area that is responsible for self-control.

The ability to effectively handle stress is reduced as our self-control decreases. This can result in short tempered reactions which can cause even more stress. This can develop into a cycle of stress that will ultimately end in burn-out.

Effectively managing your emotions and remaining calm in intense moments is directly linked to your ability to perform in your job. The most successful people are skilled in managing their emotions when encountering stressful situations. They have the ability to remain calm and in control of their reactions. This allows them to maintain effective decision-making skills and self-control.

When self-control dwindles from stress levels, it can contribute to chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Stress can also cause depression, lessen cognitive performance, and obesity.

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”
– William James

Stress is a necessary evil. Too little stress and we become complacent. There is no propelling force. When there is too much stress, we can face burn-out through excessive amounts of anxiety. Intermittent stress is what is needed to keep us moving forward, yet allowing time to heal from the stressful period.

The most successful people in their fields have mastered the art of saying “no”. This allows them to maintain control to avoid significant amounts of stress or face burn-out. Being able to appropriately say know is an indicator of your developed emotional intelligence.

Successful people also express gratitude often. The act of expressing gratitude will improve your mood, increase your energy, and reinforce the best frame of mind for you to be productive. They also practice down-time, and avoid speculation of other scenarios.

Maintain self-control is the common denominator of all of these mindful practices of successful people. Take the time that you know you need to be successful.