Just Do Not Give Up!

keep going

New adventures can be exciting and scary. In the beginning, your motivational drive may exceed your logic. Sometimes you can become overwhelmed before you even realize what is happening. Don’t give up just because you are thinking some of the following things:

  1. This is just too difficult. The beginning is always the most difficult. This is when you are learning the most. Don’t give up before you have given yourself the opportunity to succeed. Quitting is the number one reason people don’t succeed. Makes perfect sense, right?
  2. You don’t know all the steps to make it a reality. Knowing every single step is none of your concern right now. All you need to know is what you need to do next. It is okay to follow your gut instinct to get to the next step. Part of the new journey is crafting a new self along the way.
  3. This just doesn’t feel like it is working. Don’t let yourself become discouraged. It may not feel like it is working, but in reality there may be a multitude of things that are working in the right direction that is unseen. Everything can shift in the blink of an eye. Trust the process, and don’t give up just yet.
  4. No one believes in me. Since when do you need other people’s faith to pursue a dream? You don’t need to give up on your dream; you just need to find new believers. You are in ultimate control of this journey. Therefore, embrace the moment as captain of your own ship.
  5. “I feel less than adequate.” The way you think about yourself is more important than anything. Perfection does not exist among us. We are human. We are designed to learn, and continually improve. When you feel “less than”, determine what it is that you feel “less than” about. Learn about it. Educate yourself. Focus on becoming “more than”.

There is only a single reason why you should ever give up. If you search your soul, and sincerely can’t find an ounce of your original passion or determination; then it may be time to let the dream go. If there is a glimmer of hope, that is enough reason to keep going.


  1. Cathy Borowsky says

    Thanks Eric, As a reformed perfectionist, I have a feeling that I will coming back to this blog post as I start the MMT course.

  2. Love this!

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