It is okay to say “No”

say no Sometimes we are overwhelmed with the need to “do more”, “be the best”, or “just do it.” Our motivational drives can get depleted, but then we feel guilty for taking a day off. Here’s a little advice: it is okay to say “no”. Saying no can be difficult, but it can also be one of the most liberating steps you can do for yourself. Here are 5 ways to embrace saying “No”.

  • Take a break from your workout. There are days when you just feel like you can’t do it, and that is okay. Enjoy the break, guilt-free.
  • Take a break from your friends. It is totally okay to say no to an invitation to a get-together, and just relax at home. An excuse is not needed for some much needed “me” time.
  • Don’t succumb to Pinterest pressure. It is fun to surf Pinterest, and tease the creative side of your mind. However, there are times when Pinterest is overwhelming, and may make you feel inferior because your living space is not perfectly organized. It is okay to appreciate the great ideas on Pinterest without doing every single one of them. Just go to the bakery instead of baking the latest 48 dozen cupcakes.
  • Pass on the perfect diet. It is perfectly okay if you no longer feel compelled to eat salads every day for lunch. As surprised as you may be, no one really cares what you eat for lunch. Having one cheat day will not derail your health plan. Sometimes, you need the break, and go for the chocolate chip cookie dough shake instead of the lean green smoothie.
  • Saying “no” is really about keeping your life and soul in balance. Mental and physical rests are essential to maintain your overall health. Don’t feel guilty about saying “no”. Just do it.

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