The Happiness Difference

A happier life

There is a one distinct difference between happy people and unhappy people. That distinct difference is how their mind thinks and processes ideas and experiences. No matter how simple the task, we are the happiest when our actions and thoughts are united.

When a person is completing an action, and thinking about it at the same time that is when they are most happy. The action is irrelevant. It could be as simple as loading the dishwasher, as long as you are thinking about loading the dishwasher. An unhappy mind is when the mind continues to wander regardless of the action taking place. For example, you are distracted and unhappy if you are loading the dishwasher, but your mind is on your kid’s Halloween Party at school. Some people would argue this, but distracted thoughts lead to stress which is unhappiness.

If you are focused on chasing happiness, here are a couple of things to help you along the way:

  • You can predict your happiness. You can take action if you are caught in the mind-numbing moments of life, and consistently find your mind wandering. This is just becoming aware of your thoughts, and taking control over your happiness. Being on auto-pilot allows the negativity to consume our minds. We can break this cycle.
  • Rethink about how you think. Mindful meditation practices can help clear your mind of the clutter, and change the way your brain processes information. Our brains respond positively to practice. Our brain responds to positive mental stimulation, the same way our body responds to physical exercise. Over time, both become stronger.

Consistent happiness is your decision and choice. A happier and more focused lifestyle will emerge when you decide to improve your thought patterns through by focused mindful meditation. Every day can be a happier day.


  1. Cathy Borowsky says

    Watch the wondering mind 🙂

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