Why You May Have Wasted Money On Your Degree

In today’s ever changing fast paced world, from technology to our health, and even the way we grow food, society is changing at a fast pace rate. The world we now live in is no longer the world that our parents and grandparents were able to survive and in some cases thrive in. Manufacturing has gone over seas, companies are downsizing, technology is allowing industries to cut personnel for massive profits and while at the same time people seem to be spending more and making less.

Right now wether you are struggling, financially free, or wealthy, you should be doing everything you can to stay on top, or to succeed at the best of your ability for you and your loved ones. One of the best ways to do that is through continuing education.

I have had the fortunate experience to share the stage and learn from some of the best minds in the industry, and one thing all of these successful men and women share is a hunger for continuing their education.  Always learning; always growing. Not just any education, but education that will give you a life skill, more specifically specialized knowledge. There are lots of people with education, with degrees. There are lots of people with knowledge, but having specialized knowledge will allow you to stand out. There is a reason a surgeon gets paid what she does, its specialized knowledge.

In this day and age it is very important to stand out. Education is one thing that can never be taken away from you. You can lose your house, your car, a lot of things can taken from you education, however, is not one of them. That is why certain people are able to make it even if they lose it, they know how to make it again. Some of that is mindset, which I will cover at a later date. Let me leave you with this one thought, imagine having the right mindset geared towards success and combining that with specialized knowledge.  Where would you be today? Until then, do the best you can and keep moving forward!

Eric Frady