Rob Roy

IMG_6584Meet Rob Roy!

For those of you who don’t know Rob, he’s one of Carl’s trading mentors and good friend.  With 20 years experience trading, there’s a “wealth” of information and knowledge for you to learn and prosper from.

A leading professional in Fibonacci’s and Futures with 20 years experience trading, this trader has successfully trained over 15,000 traders on a proven, time tested system.


Robert Roy knows firsthand the importance of a changed mindset. Raised in Queens, NY by a single mother where money was scarce, Rob grew up with early mental roadblocks that he had to overcome and alter his own thought process before he was able to become successful through trading. Now Rob emphasizes to his students how following a proven, time tested system is critical to their success.

Rob’s life changed in 1997 when one of his colleagues told him about a stock market class.  Rob took the workshop and became excited about using the stock market to change his life even though his friends and family were instruments of discouragement.

In 1999, Rob became a Trading Coach for one of the largest stock market education companies in the US.  He then created a systematic approach to train traders with no experience to those who were already trading the market. His approach focuses on 4 key elements of trading, 4 simple words: Identify, Enter, Manage and Exit, individually they each sound easy to do, collectively they are one of the toughest things there is for a trader to overcome.

One of Rob’s favorite quotes is “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” ― Henry Ford. Rob’s approach starts with changing your mindset and ends with developing a trading system that is built for the individual trader.



In the two decades that Rob has taught over 50,000 students, he found that there were 4 areas traders consistently fell short on, which is why Rob specialized in these 4 areas.

Rob put together a teaching program called Power Option Plays to teach you the invaluable strategies so you can see dramatic results in your trading.  Twice a week, you receive videos that focus on 20 specific stocks and the rules you need to trade them.

Power Option Plays is packed with a punch.  Here’s what you get:

  • A Video newsletter twice a week (Sunday & Tuesday) Average time per session is 30 minutes
  • A Review Of The Top Trading Candidates (With Price Targets)
  • The Focus is On Highly Reliable and Highly Predictable Indicators (Harmonic) areas
  • Includes In Depth Investigation of the SPX &VIX
  • Analyze The Top Trading ETFs, For Example The SPY & QQQs

There’s also BONUSES that come with your subscription.

  • A Video Tutorial Library (Getting Started, Fibs, Pivots, etc.)
  • The Weekend Edition Is An Extended Review Of The Market
  • A PDF Document Copy Of The Trading Candidates
  • A Premium Workshop (Free For Power Option Plays Subscribers) every 30 to 45 days (Valued at $299 per session)
  • Additional (Educational) Training Sessions As The Market Requires
  • Review The Newsletter For 30 Days (Recorded)
  • Have Rob As Your Trading Coach During Your Quarterly Subscription

Power Option Plays is billed as a quarterly auto bill subscription.


DON’T FORGET, if you are a member of Power Option Plays then” Mastering the Trade” workshop is included as part of your subscription.

If you are a member of Power Option Plays you will be registered automatically.


Trade Like a Master

Do you want to trade the market like a master?
Do you want to be at the top of the profession and trade like a pro?

Then REGISTER now to attend “Mastering the Trade” online class, Thursday, March 8th, at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Robert Roy, a professional trader and respected market educator, will take you through the process of how a real trader goes about his trading business each day. Rob will teach you how to get in and how to get out of trades – and how to manage everything in-between.

He’s going to take his personal trading plan, step by step, – and put it out there for you to learn! You’ll get an up-close look at everything a professional trader like Rob does when he prepares to take a position in the market.

For example …

  • Do you have trouble knowing when to get into a trade? This can be an uneasy decision and you want to make sure it’s correct. Rob will teach you a method that makes it clear.
  • Do you have an issue knowing when to exit a trade? Do you struggle with jumping out of a trade too soon – and leaving money on the table? Or do you hang on with a death grip – and pay the financial consequences? Rob will teach you how to improve your exit strategy.
  • Do you have an issue knowing what to do while you’re involved in a trade? Do those market fluctuations give you an upset stomach or make your head swim with uncertainty? Rob understands those can be anxious moments and he’ll give you his prescription to calm your nerves.

In fact, the strategy that Rob teaches will help at least 95 percent of active or would-be traders “Master the Trade”. It’s just that good!

Robert Roy has taught students how to trade the stock and futures markets for more than a decade. His live and online classes have educated thousands of students. He has offered hundreds of online classes and created many educational products designed to help students reach their personal financial goals.

Rob Roy has helped countless people learn to get on their feet financially and understand ways to create additional streams of income to meet their own individual needs. Rob has a deep commitment for helping others, which is why he’s ready to open his Trading Plan and share his secrets.

Join Professional Trader, Coach and Speaker Robert Roy as he lifts the curtain on how to Master the Trade.

Register now to learn more about “Mastering the Trade” and start putting that knowledge to work in your own trading account.

Rob has a put an UNPRECEDENTED Offer together for this workshop, he is allowing WealthBuildersHQ students to learn the system he has built over the last 20 years for the low price of $297.

DON’T FORGET, if you are a member of Power Option Plays then” Mastering the Trade” workshop is included as part of your subscription.

If you are a member of Power Option Plays you will be registered automatically.




How much brighter would your bank statement look if you learned how to transform the stock market into your personal money machine … one that funnels fresh profits into your account each month?


In his exciting new Covered Call Money Machine online class, professional trader and educator Rob Roy, will teach you ways to generate income by using covered calls, one of the most understandable and applicable strategies used by savvy investors in today’s market. ATM

A covered call gives you the opportunity to rent stocks and make profits.
The best thing is, you can use this strategy whether or not you own stock!
Wow! Is that legal, you ask? Are you allowed to do that? 
It certainly is allowed and informed people have been doing it for years.
The process is just like renting out a home you own, but no longer live in. Why leave the house vacant when you can scoop up some rent? That’s the same premise of a covered call.

The Covered Call Money Machine online class was taught on Thursday, Nov 9.

Rob has taught this material across the country and students have paid handsomely to hear it.  But for this rollout – which includes some great new material – you can buy now for only $99!




Here’s one secret that Rob can’t keep: He loves Fibonacci.

He loves using them and he loves teaching others how to use this incredible analytical tool. In fact, he loves teaching it so much that he has created a class in which he’ll share secrets about Fibonacci that you simply won’t find anywhere else.


When you register for Fibonacci Secrets Revealed, you’ll gain new insights of which few traders are aware. You’ll gain an understanding of this amazing technical tool and you’ll be getting the information directly from one of the foremost Fibonacci instructors in the industry.


Rob Roy has taught this information to thousands of students throughout the country. He brings Fibonacci instruction to life from his own first-hand experience. That’s right, Rob Roy uses Fibonacci analysis in his own personal trading, as well as in the classes he teaches.

Fibonacci Secrets Revealed is a two-hour online class that will break down the essence of using Fibonacci.

Fibonacci analysis is part of harmonic trading. This is a methodology that recognizes the use of specific price patterns and ratios that may help you determine potential reversal points in the market. This information can be useful to anyone interested in trading —  whether you are an experienced trader or someone who is just beginning to learn how to trade.

In this Fibonacci Secrets Revealed class, Rob will teach you:

  • How to look at the market and determine the most current and prominent run the entity has made
  • How to use the Fibonacci drawing tool and where to begin and end the analysis
  • How to determine the importance of different areas of resistance and support and how they might be useful when it comes time to take or exit a position

In Fibonacci Secrets Revealed, Rob will teach you the important settings to use in your Fibonacci analysis. This is critical. If you don’t have the proper parameters in your analysis, you won’t have a chance to get it right!

Register now for this important new class. The material has the power to change the way your trade. Using Fibonacci analysis works regardless of what you trade – stocks, options, futures or Forex. Whether you’re new to trading or have years of experience, learning Fibonacci can offer you direction that isn’t available to everyone.

By signing up for Fibonacci Secrets Revealed, you’ll be smarter, have more insight and give you education a head start. Sign up now and don’t miss it.


Choose Lifetime access when registering and have access to Fibonacci Secrets Revealed

without a time constraint.






Cheapskate Trading LogoDo feel constricted trading a small account?

Don’t feel like you can even get into the game ’cause your account balance is so low?

Can’t make Margin?

No problem!

Get ready to bust out your pen and grab your trusty notepad ’cause Rob’s bringing you CHEAPSKATE TRADING.

Honor your frugal genius and learn how to trade that modest account of yours.  Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How To Trade Like A “PRO” With Limited Risk
  • A Systematic Approach To Candidate Selection
  • Three Trade Setups That Can Be Used Intraday & End Of Day By Trading:
    • Weekly Options
    • Low Priced Options
    • Out-Of-The-Money-Options
  • The “Strategy Creation System” All 3 Trade Setups 

Rob only teaches this course once a year and he has made the recording available to MMT students so you can learn whenever!  Have the recording for 30 days to watch again and again.

You’d think we’d charge an arm and a leg for this course but it an oh so cool – and might we add so highly affordable it’s a downright steal – $99!

Say WHA?  Learn how to trade my small account for ONLY $99 smackers?  Are you guys crazy?


Nope.  We just want to arm you with the tools to grow your account.

Grab your spot while the getting’s good, cause that price ain’t gonna last for long.


Where: Online





Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 7.42.56 PM

There’s no need to be afraid of these MONSTERS!

When you think about the monsters that have graced the movie screen over the years, one of the most famous is Godzilla. He’s a huge, fire-breathing, screeching monster who causes the earth to shake when he walks and drags his enormous tail. You definitely know when he’s in the neighborhood!

We can’t promise the earth will move under your feet when you attend the Monster Market Movers class, but you have a chance to feel some pretty good reverberations!

Monster Market Movers is a two-hour online class that is cram-packed to the brim with information you can use to be a smarter, more informed trader.

In Monster Market Movers you will learn:

  • How to Identify the Top Trading Patterns.
  • Rob’s Personal Option’s Process Selection.
  • How to Capitalize on the trading canidates.
  • What news to trade and what not to trade.
  • The Strategy Creation Trading System (4 Key Components; Identify, Entry, Manage, Exit)

Subscribe to this monthly 2 hour online workshop where we go over candidates to trade from different lists:

  • Channeling stocks
  • Trending up and down
  • Fibonacci
  • Moving up and down towards $100
  • Bullish and bearish thrust patterns
  • Pivots
  • Candle patterns
  • Wedges
  • Etc.

Duration : 2 hours


  • 2 hours online workshop of expert instruction.
  • A prerequisite video tutorial that also comes to you the instant you register.
  • A prerequisite manual accessible the minute you register.
  • Another manual delivered the day of the class that offers suggestions on how to plan your trading day, includes a review of the market, and a special Pattern of the Month that Rob will teach you how to include in your arsenal.
  • A Fibonacci candidate video; this gives you the opportunity to draw your own Fib lines and compare them to Rob’s!
  • A watch list of candidates that will be discussed in the class, which gives you the opportunity to add to your own analysis and vet them in the coming days.
  • An addendum the morning after the class that features any last-minute research and candidates that Rob has uncovered and worthy of examination.

(Remember, you can print the material you need and listen to the recorded class as many time as you’d like for 30 days)


Register NOW and receive bonus videos OVER 2 HOURS LONG!!!

  • Getting started
  • Trading Economic Reports
  • Reviewing The Market
  • Options Analysis And Selection
  • Fabulos Fibonacci
  • Trading With Pivot Points
  • Additional Technical Indicators
  • Pattern of The Month
  • Line and Candle Patterns
  • Watchlist and Addendum Slides
  • Jumpstarting The Process
  • Tying it all together




Keep your Covered Calls COVERED with Rob’s Covered Call Explorer!

Stock traders have been writing covered calls for years. It’s one of the most popular strategies that traders and investors like to use. Now you can get some help finding candidates to analyze.

That’s where the Covered Call Explorer can help.

For many students starting out, the stock market can seem like uncharted territory, having trouble spotting possible trades.

Although we know you’d never trade “uncharted’, the Covered Call Explorer is an outstanding way to cut through the hassle of finding trades to analyze.

Through his use of scans and filters, as well as by spotting them in his own analysis, Rob creates a weekly 10-20 minute video that will point out potential positions that he has spotted and will offer them to subscribers for further examination.  These are not recommendations, but rather possible candidates that fit specific criteria and may be worth more detailed analysis by the students.

Rob’s Covered Call Explorer are for EVERY trader, not just for those who prefer to trade Covered Calls.

Exploring the stock market by watching a Master Trader on a weekly basis can really help your overall trading.  By seeing how Rob thinks and how he approaches the charts will give a strong foundation in real application.  Before long you’ll have the same trading mindset that has kept Rob successful in the stock market for 20 years!

When you subscribe to the Covered Call Explorer you receive a weekly email & text sent out over the weekend for a 10 to 20 minute video showing possible trades for the upcoming week.

Trades “Covered” in this service are :

  • Covered Calls
  • Naked Puts
  • Diagonal Spreads



  • Weekly email & text letting you know the video is ready to be viewed.
  • a weekly 10-20 minute video each weekend that points out potential covered call, naked put and diagonal spread positions to analyze.
  • A prerequisite video tutorial that also comes to you the instant you register.



Register NOW and receive bonus videos OVER 45 MINUTES LONG!!!

  • Getting started
  • Calculating ROR
  • Trading covered calls
  • Trading naked puts
  • Trading diagonal spreads
  • Tying it all together



For more information or if you have questions, email